CCM Groups

Campus Club Milledgeville is divided into the following Groups:



Middle School

High School

Adult Ed.




CCM's Programs Include:

(Academic & Artistic, Renaissance, Teaching, Student Success)

This program has a “Practical skill building” dynamic that provides a comprehensive year-round program. We connect academics and technology, to provide access to high quality learning opportunities to engage, serve and motivate young minds, as well as provide opportunities for positive role-model relationships. 

Berklee City Music Network (BCMN), an outreach of Berklee College of Music located in Boston Massachusetts, is a college's strategic initiative to engage underserved urban 4th- through 12th-graders in a year-round music education program designed to prepare them to pursue higher education. It provides a quality music instruction, mentoring, and college scholarships to students a part of its network, like Campus Club Milledgeville.

The Pittsburg Industrial Teachers Service Company (PITSCO)  provides innovative solutions to engage and motivate the young minds of the millennial generation. Their Synergistic Learning Systems, as used by the Tiger Woods Learning Center, in Anaheim California, provide high quality learning experiences in science, math, technology, engineering (STEM) and career exploration. In particular, PITSCO supports Campus Club Milledgeville in the areas of visual arts, education and technology.

(Using Science Technology & Engineering to Educate through Math & Music)

Adapted from PITSCO’s “Star Academy Program”, USTEEMM is a dropout prevention solution that combines multiple learning methodologies; safe and productive classrooms; and innovative, standards-based curriculum. The program effectively reengages fifth to ninth-grade students who are at risk of dropping out of school. The key elements that students encounter in the USTE2M2include:

  • Curriculum relevant not only to their future but also to their current needs and interests Instructional strategies that rely on experiential learning to meet their individual needs and learning styles
  • Emphasis on building competencies through the application of knowledge and skills to real-world challenges and currently relevant topics
  • Relevant, career-focused learning through differentiated instruction
  • Curriculum and learning activities that address cognitive, psychomotor, and affective needs of each student
  • Technology-based learning and assessment activities
  • Access to the A2RTS2 program of training
  • Positive home-and-school relationships that engage parents and guardians in the students’ learning process

(Art & Adult Education Program)

This program will serve the millennial generation 16-26 year olds, who did not graduate high school. The arts will be used to entice participation in Central Georgia Technical College’s G.E.D. and “Work Ready” initiatives, leading participants into secondary- education opportunities .Central Georgia Technical College Adult Education Program (CGTC AEP):and Campus Club Milledgeville partner to:

  • Establish and advance a strategic alliance toward building a more literate and productive community;
  • Assist in coordination of activities to promote literacy with other entities as the occasion arises;
  • Take advantage of expertise and capabilities possessed by each organization to address the educational needs of youth in the surrounding community;
  • Provide information about literacy services, adult education, college transition and the Georgia Work Ready program as needed;
  • Serve as a resource for students to discuss and further their educational opportunities;

(Art Therapy)

Through interactive sessions, this program provide therapeutic support for individuals with disabilities as they engage in adapted training in numerous styles of artistic expressions. This program offers students with special needs opportunities to develop a wide range of skills in the social, self-expression, communication, and gross/fine motor areas. Lessons building toward performances will foster self confidence and empower students to succeed and it’s just a plain old fun!


The program is designed to use artistic expression to enrich the quality of life of the millennial generation through safe and effective exercise and physical activity.  We, through the arts, increase participation while decreasing personal anxiety, create successful situations for our children to learn and feel comfortable with their bodies and physical talents (Martial Arts, Zumba Dance).